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Dermoscopy is a non-invasive medical examination used to diagnose and monitor changes in the skin. A commonly used tool in dermatology, dermoscopy is a quick, painless, and efficient way to detect abnormalities, including skin cancer. With its precision and preventive potential, this examination is a crucial step in maintaining your health.

Why dermoscopy?
Dermoscopy is typically recommended for studying pigmented lesions, such as moles. This examination helps to detect malignant melanomas in the early stages, as well as other skin diseases, such as basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma.

When is dermoscopy done?
"Ideally, everyone should regularly undergo a dermoscopy examination, especially people who have:
- A large number of moles
- Moles with an atypical, irregular structure
- Personal or family history of skin cancer"

Who performs the dermoscopy examination?
The dermoscopy examination is performed by an experienced dermatologist, specialized in identifying and interpreting changes in the skin. Our experts at the iSkin clinic are highly trained and dedicated to providing the best possible care.

What can we expect from the examination?

Dermoscopy is a quick and painless examination. The dermatologist uses a dermatoscope, a device with powerful magnification, to examine moles and lesions. This provides a detailed view of the structure and distribution of pigment in the skin, allowing for early detection of possible changes.

Benefits of dermoscopy examination

Early Diagnosis: Dermoscopy can detect the early stages of skin cancer, significantly increasing the chances for successful treatment.
Prevention: Regular examinations allow for early detection of changes in the skin, which can be key in preventing more serious conditions.
Comfort: Dermoscopy is a completely painless examination that does not require any preparation, and the examination is performed quickly and efficiently.

Is the dermoscopy examination comfortable for the patient?

Absolutely! Dermoscopy is a painless examination that lasts only a few minutes. During the examination, the patient is in a lying or sitting position, depending on the region being examined.

Regular dermoscopy examinations - Your key to healthy skin

As a preventive or diagnostic examination, dermoscopy is an essential step in caring for skin health. Our professional staff at the iSkin clinic is ready to provide you with the highest quality care.

Schedule your dermoscopy examination today and take timely measures to protect your skin.


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