Candela GentleLase Pro-U

Number 1 in the world for laser hair removal

Achieve incomparably better results with fewer treatments

Let us introduce you to the Candela GentleLase Pro-U laser, which represents the latest technology in the world of lasers. With its revolutionary features, this laser offers extraordinary results with fewer treatments than the competition. Discover how GentleLase Pro-U redefines laser treatments, saves your time, and delivers excellent results.


Candela GentleLase Pro-U:

1. Fewer treatments for a complete effect

Thanks to advanced technology, Candela GentleLase Pro-U enables achieving maximum results with reduced number of treatments. This means faster and more efficient solution of your problems, without the need for frequent visits.

3. Precise hair reduction from smaller regions

Thanks to the Candela GentleLase Pro-U laser, you can now get a flawless look in areas such as the nose, earlobe, and the area between the eyebrows. The technology used by this device allows for highly precise treatments, ideal for small and sensitive regions.

2. Safe and gentle

GentleLase Pro-U uses patented skin cooling technology, which guarantees safety and comfort during treatments. Also, this laser is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

4. Clinically proven results

Candela GentleLase Pro-U has a wide spectrum of clinical studies that confirm its efficiency, safety, and patient satisfaction. You can be assured that you are choosing a proven and tested treatment.


Practical Examples

Permanent hair removal

20% of the population has this type of problem. Redness, pimples, and inflamed skin condition can now be effectively solved with GentleLase Pro-U and Nordlys laser, where the effect is visible right after the first treatment.

Skin rejuvenation

Through targeted treatments against wrinkles and improving skin texture, GentleLase Pro-U aids in restoring a youthful look and healthy glow of the skin.

Pigmentation issues

Patients suffering from enlarged capillaries and spider veins can achieve cleaner and more uniform skin thanks to the precise and efficient action of Candela GentleLase Pro-U.

Scar treatment

GentleLase Pro-U is also effective in treating scars, including acne and surgical scars, improving the appearance and texture of the skin.

Boosting confidence

Through quick and effective treatments, Candela GentleLase Pro-U helps patients regain their confidence and a sense of satisfaction with their own appearance.

“Candela GentleLase Pro-U represents a turning point in laser technology, offering you fewer treatments to achieve extraordinary results.”

Experience the revolution in laser technology

"With a broad range of indications, safe and gentle treatment, and clinically proven results, GentleLase Pro-U provides a top-notch solution for your aesthetic needs.
Don't let inefficient treatments and less advanced lasers waste your time and money. Choose Candela GentleLase Pro-U and experience the revolution in laser technology."